Mental Health & Well-being Blog – July 2020

Mental Health & Well-being Blog – July 2020

This month we challenge you to keep learning !  Try something new! 

Keeping your mind engaged with new ideas and experiences is an important part of your mental wellbeing. This could be as easy as doing a daily Sudoku, learning a new skill through an online tutorial or listening to an informative podcast.


Your ability to reason and make good decisions depends on how well your brain interprets and processes information. Doing regular mental challenges trains these mental pathways, improving their effectiveness and refreshing old or unhelpful thought patterns. Research is showing that lifelong learning may improve brain function and prevent or delay the symptoms of dementia.

Find daily activities that you can do to improve your mental wellbeing – keep learning

Feeling the “Winter blues” can sometimes be due to the seasons changing and with Winter now upon us, check out “Beyond Blue” article on S.A.D (seasonal Affective Disorder) for some tips to overcome the “Winter Blues”.

Exercise of the Month! 

Challenge yourself to try a challenge!  Look up exercise challenge ideas, you could try:

  • Plank challenge
  • Sit-up challenge
  • Cardio challenge
  • Squat challenge
  • Lunge challenge
  • Walking challenge

The possibilities are endless, look up online for something that you enjoy (or might enjoy), involve the whole family or a friend.

Links for support 






Mental Health Awareness Campaigns for July 

We regularly find blogs and webinars that we believe many of our patrons would find useful. Click on the images and links below to learn more. 

Mental Health Guide to help you get through CoronaVirus Pandemic

Ease your back pain with this simple exercise.

Walking & talking – how strolling along Australia’s longest timber jetty is saving lives


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