Bitter and Sweet by Jane Davis

Bitter and Sweet by Jane Davis

Sadly, Jane Davis passed away (peacefully) before her wonderful poem went up on the Bass Coast Poetry Wall.  It was such a pleasure reading Jane’s work, and we are grateful for the opportunity to share Bitter and Sweet.


Bitter and Sweet

Here we abide umbrella-ed by gloom

Yet leaves still dance on suppled boughs

Grass stretches forth to torment mowers

Birds serenade love songs as a sun births to life

Yet each dawn has a taste of doom


Living still, caged, austere

And the waves still crash liquid blue upon bleached shores

Stars blink and twinkle in black velvet

Rain sings a melody on boundless land

The many dance avoidance breathing fear


How, how long will this last

With self we battle to stand against

We cheer those who serve, who cause difference

We examine our future looking up, hungry with hope

Winning the war, conquering the viral enemy, learning from what has past


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