Inverloch Pier


My Special Place – The Inverloch Pier

I guess it started way back … well 13 years ago at a guess.

I had started working in “high care aged care” and a good percentage of my client base lived in the Inverloch area.

On some days I would have an hour up my sleeve so I would go to the pier and just stare at the water with music playing in my car.

So relaxing … so peaceful … well it was during three of the four seasons.

Summer bought its own pace. People who got a new toy for Christmas. Yep a boat be it a tinny or some so over the top “look at me with all my money” type of monstrosity. The “I can back and launch and retrieve a boat” to the “oh so hopeless and crack the shits holding everyone else up know it alls”. Christmas at the pier had it all.

These days in my lazy retirement, I still go down to the Pier and just stare at the water.
So relaxing… so peaceful … well it is during three of the four seasons.

Name: Sally Conning
Special Place: The Inverloch Pier
Medium: Photograph


Inverloch Pier

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