Norsemans Beach, Coronet Bay

Crunch of a trillion crushed shells underfoot, blue melting into blue, timeless yet everchanging. For me, it gives respite, retreat, renewal–all of these—yet more. Unaffected—unlike me—the constancy of this place brings comfort and peace. The birds congregate on the same few logs every day, the tides cover, then uncover. Evidence of humanity appears, then disappears from the sand. All is washed clean. This beach is reliable and trustworthy in a world that so often is not. What if we could live this way? What if we be could open and vulnerable, like the sand, to the imprints of others yet not let them mark us and shape us forever? Each day we would settle again into an easy calm, refreshed and ready for the world. All trace of hurt, resentment, fear and frustration obliterated. Swept far away from us out past the horizon.

Name: Suzanne Swift

Special Place: Norsemens Beach, Coronet Bay

Medium: Photograph


Norsemens Beach, Coronet Bay

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