Twilight Inlet, Venus Bay/Andersons Inlet

Twilight Inlet Venus Bay/Andersons Inlet

A Perfect Place

Land’s misty hues of colour
Sea’s hypnotic blue
Sky billowing peace and wonder
A poetic solitude
Along the rugged Bunurong
Killy’s rise to Inverloch
A quilt of farm and rolling hills
Bass stretches out beyond
Sun descends upon the inlet
Grassy knolls and coastal dunes
Day’s tapestry unravels
Threads of yellow, red and blue
Time flows seamless on the Tarwin
From bank to bank
A satin sheet pulled taut
Under Night’s thick cover
The Sun rests and bids farewell

Name: Vasy Petros
Special Place: Venus Bay/Andersons Inlet
Medium: Collage (3/3)


Venus Bay/Andersons Inlet

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