Community Consultation

Community Consultation

As part of our mission to support communities, particularly relating to being inclusive and help people belong, we are embarking on this community consultation project to better understand our communities’ changing needs and enhance our services.
This community consultation project will be conducted in conjunction with developing our four year strategic plan for 2021-24.

The information you provide to us via polls and surveys help us develop a clearer understanding of the communities in which we work, and plays an important role.

Confidentiality and Intellectual Property

  • Any data provided to WGL as input to this consultation will not be used for any purpose outside this project.
  • WGL will ensure appropriate data security and data handling measures.
  • WGL will not disclose data provided as input to this project to any 3rd parties.
  • Any assets or insights derived from this project will not contain any information that identifies any other organisation or any individuals. 

Please see our privacy policy for more details.


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