Flag Displays at Myli


Myli will be introducing the display of four desk flags at the Warragul, Wonthaggi, Pakenham and Korumburra libraries. The flags will be placed on the circulation desk at all four libraries. If you have any feedback, we’d love to hear from you.

Guided by members of our Reconciliation Action Plan (RAP) group, the first set of flags will include the three officially recognised Australian flags consisting of the Australian, Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander flags.

We will also be including a separate display of the Intersex Inclusive Progress Pride Flag, which celebrates the diversity of the LGBTQIA+ community and serves as an indication of allyship, of a safe space and community.

Our vision at Myli is to encourage connected, inclusive and resilient communities that are supported to grow and thrive. It is also important for us to align with the Standards and Guidelines for Australian Public Libraries, which has this to say regarding honouring our Traditional Owners:

“An Acknowledgement of Traditional Owners should be visible on the library website and within each library facility (e.g. in the form of a sign, flags, plaque, wall decal, commissioned artwork). … The library can create a visible Indigenous presence in the library space, for example, through signs (e.g. welcome or acknowledgement of the local Aboriginal community and traditional owners), Aboriginal flags, displays and artwork.”

Below is a brief history on each of the flags:

Australian Flag: Adopted 1901, the Australian flag combines the Union Jack, representing historical ties to Britain, with the Southern Cross constellation, symbolising Australia’s location in the Southern Hemisphere. The Commonwealth Star signifies federation, while the blue background reflects the surrounding ocean. It’s a unifying emblem capturing Australia’s history, identity, and geographic context.

Aboriginal Flag: Designed by Harold Thomas, the Aboriginal flag features a black background symbolising Aboriginal people, a red circle representing their connection to the land, and a yellow sun depicting their spirituality. It is a powerful symbol of Indigenous identity, culture and pride.

Torres Strait Islander Flag: The Torres Strait Islander flag, created by Bernard Namok, comprises green and blue horizontal panels representing the land and sea, divided by a black central panel with a white dhari (traditional headdress). It symbolises Torres Strait Islander identity, culture, and connection to the region’s unique environment.

Intersex Inclusive Progress Pride Flag: The Intersex Inclusive Progress Pride Flag was designed in 2021 by Valentino Vecchietti, combining the Progress Pride Flag with the Intersex Pride Flag. The flag is designed to represent the LGBTQIA+ community and bring marginalised people of colour, transgender people and intersex people to the forefront. 

The introduction of these desk flags at Myli Libraries supports our vision to encourage inclusivity and respect among patrons. The chosen flags symbolise unity and acknowledgment of diverse cultural and community groups within our library spaces. We welcome respectful conversation and feedback from our community as we strive to maintain vibrant hubs of learning and connection for all.

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