Celebrating Motherhood through Connection and Community

Celebrating Motherhood through Connection and Community

To celebrate the joys and challenges of motherhood, Myli hosted two remarkable events at Macca’s Farm in South Gippsland, creating a memorable experience for new parents and families. These special gatherings, held as part of Myli’s ‘Mothers in May’ sessions, emphasized the significance of community, support, and shared experiences. With a delightful combination of yoga, nourishing meals, inspiring stories, and a beautiful farm setting, these events were a true testament to the power of connection. Let’s take a closer look at the wonderful moments we shared. 

Mums and Bubs Yoga: Strengthening Bonds through Movement – 

Despite the rain altering our plans for an outdoor session, the spirits of all attendees remained high as we gathered for a Mums and Bubs yoga class guided by Sarah from Island Healing. Sarah expertly demonstrated how gentle movements, touch, and eye contact can strengthen the bond between mothers and their little ones. It was a truly remarkable experience, reminding us of the incredible connection we share with our children. 

Following the yoga session, attendees were treated to a Mother’s Day brunch, prepared by the Grantville Country Women’s Association using fresh farm ingredients. We also had the pleasure of hearing Glenda’s inspiring story, shared with Di from the Grantville Business & Community Association. Glenda’s touching tale illuminated the profound impact of the Waterline Community Library in her life, underscoring the importance of community spaces and resources for the community. 

After brunch, everyone ventured outside to explore the beautiful farm, visit the produce store, pick fresh strawberries and visit the animals. Each attendee also received a pamper pack, thoughtfully sponsored by Jordan Crugnale MP, as a token of appreciation for their participation and a reminder of the importance of self-care. 

Holly said ‘Awesome event put on by Myli and Rowanne. Since attending the Baby Rhyme Time sessions at Waterline Libary, I have made some beautiful local friends, and having events and a space to bring the kids and connect with other like-minded people has been amazing for my mental health through the journey of becoming a mum. Looking forward to many more events!’ 

Mindful Nutrition Workshop: Nourishing Bodies and Minds – 

Continuing the celebrations, our next session was a Mindful Nutrition Workshop facilitated by Nourished with Madison. Madison provided invaluable insights into creating balanced and healthy meals, emphasizing the significance of not only what we eat but also how we eat. Participants were treated to a mouthwatering meal prepared by Madison and her mother, Tracey, featuring dishes such as Carrot and Beet Salad, Orange and Almond Cake, and Osso Bucco made with locally sourced ingredients from Macca’s Farm. Every attendee was given a comprehensive booklet prepared by Madison, containing valuable information from the workshop that they could easily implement in their daily lives. 

Madison shared her reflections on the workshop, highlighting the bond between mothers and daughters, both in her own experience and in the gathering of mothers and daughters, sons, and even grandmothers at the event. The collaborative effort between Madison and her mother, from the workshop preparation to the food presentation, demonstrated the power of nurturing and caring within families.  

’25 mums and their babies – 50 nervous systems in the room. A bit of pivoting and shifting was needed to accommodate the little wriggly ones, but it was a really great workshop. Mums just do so much nourishing and so much caring, so to give that back was really lovely.   

I was grateful, so grateful, for my own mum. I would not have been able to run the event without her. A lot of preparation went into the day; while I was holding the workshop, my mum was preparing and getting the food ready. She was warming and plating everything up that we had created together. It was really lovely to be a mother and daughter team tending to other mothers and daughters, mothers and sons, and a few grandmothers too! Overall, it was a really beautiful community day here on the Bass Coast.’  

A Grateful Appreciation – 

Myli – My Community Libraries would like to express sincere gratitude to everyone who contributed to the success of these events. A special thank you to Macca’s Farm for providing the stunning venue and food, Island Healing for the restorative yoga session, Nourished with Madison for the enlightening nutrition workshop, and Jordan Crugnale MP for sponsoring the Pamper Packs. We also thank Katy and Grantville Pharmacy staff for sponsoring gift bags, and the Grantville Country Women’s Association, and the Grantville Business and Community Association for the delicious catering. Additionally, we are thankful to Lauren Murphy Photography for capturing special moments. 

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