Digital Storytelling with Drift Media

Digital Storytelling with Drift Media

We’ve partnered with Drift Media for sessions to show you how to capture your precious memories digitally.

What is Digital Storytelling? 

Simply put, digital storytelling is using digital technology as a way to share stories and preserve memories. Through the use of photos, video, text and voiceovers, the ‘storyteller’ has the opportunity to record a story to share with others. 

Digital Storytelling workshops at Myli 

We have partnered with Michael from Drift Media for hands-on three hour workshops. Michael will guide participants through the process and help them bring their memories to life.

We request participants bring along items that they would like to use in their digital story. The ideas are endless – bring in a photo of your wedding day, first day at school, house or car, the street that you live in, a holiday snap, parents, family, animals and even a hobby. Perhaps you could bring along your favourite poem to read and have it soundtracked to an image. If you’re stuck for ideas, bring along a selection of items that you are proud of or things that you would like to talk about. 

Who are the classes suitable for? 

The workshops are open to all skill levels, and are senior-friendly. We encourage everyone to come along and try something new! Participants will record their stories using iPads, guided by Michael and a Myli team member. 

Session Times and Locations – 

These workshops are made possible thanks to Be Connected. Be Connected is an Australian government initiative that aims to provide a family and community centred approach to supporting, coaching and teaching Older Australians aged over 50 years to improve their skills and confidence in using digital technology.



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