How to have an online date with West Gippsland Libraries.

How to have an online date with West Gippsland Libraries.

The theme for Library Lovers Day, 14 February 2021 is ‘Make a date with your local library!’ Sounds dreamy doesn’t it? Pop into your local branch, browse the shelves, get some recommendations from the librarians, let the kids grab a stack of books while you sit and enjoy the Wi-Fi. Sounds like the perfect date to us!

We love this year’s theme and always encourage patrons to visit our branches, but what if you just don’t have time to go on that date? You already have a jam-packed schedule with work, family, friends, appointments, and that ominous pile of washing that has been slowly growing into a mountain. You really love the library and all it has to offer but the thought of trying to squeeze another thing into your week just fills you with dread?

It’s ok!

We often hear from patrons that there seems to be so many obstacles in the way of actually visiting our branches on a regular basis. We get it! Time is a precious commodity and often the things we want to do the most are pushed to the bottom of the list by other commitments and hectic schedules. When we stop to think about all the things that might keep us away from our beloved libraries, it can amount to quite a list! Long workdays, social schedules and activities, commuting, distance, limiting contact with the community for health or personal reasons and dare we say it, procrastination were just a few of the examples we came up with.

Reflecting on this got us thinking that it is still possible to have a great relationship with your local library, and in these modern times it’s very similar to the world of online dating! In this blog we want to show you how easy it is to LOVE your local library even when you can’t be together. Let’s take a look at some of the online resources that might just be your perfect match.

Have you ever wanted to curl up in bed with a good book but you’ve already worked your way through your entire to-be-read pile? E-books enable you to access new reading material at any time. Simply download the RB Digital or BorrowBox app onto your device and start reading. It’s as simple as that! There’s also the ability to increase font size and other accessibility features which make our e-book platforms perfect for all readers.

Imagine if on your long commute to work or regular session on the treadmill at the gym, you could listen to an audiobook instead of the latest pop song 10 times in a row! Our e-audiobook collections have an amazing variety of titles. Fiction, autobiographies, self-help, sport, children & teen titles…. The list is endless! And better yet, it’s all free. You’ll be transported to another world just by popping in your headphones on the work site, while walking the dog or making your way through that huge pile of ironing.

Something we really miss from pre-Covid days is flipping through the latest magazines at the hairdressers or in the waiting room at the doctors. We have over 3000 titles that can be accessed from our RB Digital platform. Simply checkout and download magazine titles to your device and read them at your leisure. Never again will you find the last page of that great article ripped out of the magazine for the recipe on the next page.

Do you love the idea of events at the library but never quite managed to attend one? Prior to 2020 West Gippsland Libraries held many events in our library branches for adults and children. Restrictions put a stop to that but as we gently ease into 2021 we’ll continue to run both online and in-branch events. The bonus with our online programs is you don’t even have to leave home, and no one will ever know you’re sitting in your pj’s with a glass of wine in hand while watching an online talk with your favourite author! To view our online book talks, author events, children’s activities and more, simply visit our Vimeo page and keep update with upcoming events via our Facebook page.

In 2021 there is an overwhelming amount of digital movie platforms, and the problem is the cost can really add up each month. Our digital movie streaming service Kanopy has hundreds of movies, documentaries, children’s programs and educational courses, and it’s all completely free.

This might seem like a strange date but some patrons only use the library for our printing service. That’s fine! You’ll still need to pop into the branch for this one, but did you know you can remotely send your printing to our library branches and pick it up at your convenience during our business hours? This is particularly helpful for patrons who have multiple documents that need to be printed which can be very time consuming. Click here for more information: Remote Printing 

Many parents want to instil a love of books and libraries in their children but sometimes sitting down to read them a story or attend a Storytime session just doesn’t happen in our busy lives. We have so many ways that your children can still connect with their local library and become familiar with the borrowing process. We have e-books, online StoryTimes with StoryBox Library, free coding apps and much more. Check out our great kids resources here

This is just a small sample of the ways you can remotely connect to your local library and continue to love us from afar! To find out more, just click here to access our Online Resources

Now what happens if you’re tempted to try an online date but don’t know how? All the resources listed above literally mean you can access your library from anywhere but maybe the talk of downloading apps leaves you confused. If you want to dip your toe into the online world but have no idea where to start, did you know you can book in a Tech Talk with a WGL librarian? They’ll get you confidently connected in no time! Simply register your interest and you’ll receive a 20 minute phone call from one of our team members who will talk you through getting started.

Do you have someone in your life that you know LOVES the library but would never use an app or online resource? This is where you come in! Let them know that we offer a home delivery service. We’ll deliver their holds, or a random selection of books, DVD’s and audiobooks carefully selected by our staff. This service was hugely popular during 2020 for obvious reasons but has continued to be an important part of our service in 2021 particularly for patrons who cannot regularly access our branches. 


So, as you can see there is a huge range of resources that you can access without having to leave home. We’d love to hear in the comments below if you decide to go on a long-distance-date with West Gippsland Libraries.



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