Korumburra Library – Staff Book Recommendations

Korumburra Library – Staff Book Recommendations

Our latest book recommendations come from the lovely staff at our Korumburra Library. Have you read any of these books? Which one are you putting on your list?

Heather’s Pick:

‘Lola in the Mirror’ by Trent Dalton –

I love the heart-felt honesty of Trent Dalton’s books. Lola in the Mirror is about a girl with no name. She is ‘houseless’ and living by the river in Brisbane. There is mystery surrounding where the girl and her mother have come from and their history. The story is funny and tragic but overall uplifting.


Alison’s Pick:

‘Wifedom – Mrs Orwell’s Invisible Life’ by Anna Funder –

Extraordinary writing by Anna Funder which captured for me the historical and cultural times in the 1930s and the challenges faced by women writers, especially through the lens of being George Orwell’s forgotten wife, Eileen.


Danielle’s Pick:

‘Strange Sally Diamond’ by Sally Nugent –

It is a dark, intriguing tale, with interesting and quirky characters. Despite this, it has some light relief which prevents it from being too heavy. The story sucks you in right from the beginning, so don’t start it if you have somewhere you need to be!


Rochelle’s Pick:

Monk & Robot Series – ‘A Psalm for the Wild-Built & A Prayer for the Crown-Shy’ by Becky Chambers –

These two novellas are absolutely beautiful. Science Fiction that falls into the solarpunk genre and are chock full of hope, wonder and kindness. Follow Dex the tea monk and Splendid Speckled Mosscap the robot on a gentle and affirming wander through their lives on the moon of Panga. I am completely transported whenever I read them – which is often – and I’d recommend anything Becky Chambers has ever written!



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