Outdoor Sports Hire

Outdoor Sports Hire

Did you know we don’t just loan out books? Now that the weather is warming up, we thought it was a great time to remind everyone that we also loan out surfboards at San Remo and Inverloch. Now at Wonthaggi, surfboards and skateboards as well! Give them a call if you want to hit the waves on a Myli board.

How it works

Check out a surfboard on any weekday when our branches are open for a 24-hour loan. Check out on Friday afternoon or Saturday and return on Monday morning. Loans are available free for Myli library members.
Terms & conditions apply.

What’s available

Inverloch Library

1x hardboard
1x soft board
Coming soon – 1x stand up paddleboard

San Remo Library

1x soft boards

Wonthaggi Library

1x soft board
1x skateboard (with helmet and wrist guards)
Walking poles
Bike locks


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