Study online with help from your local library

Study online with help from your local library

Did you know your local library is now your study buddy?


Gale Databases:

Ditch the fake news and use our collection of reliable Gale Databases to find academic journals and correct sources on almost any topic. It includes a citation tool, too, to make it easy to generate citations for your papers.

From today to 12 years ago, view any – yes, any – print edition of The Age newspaper to see the ‘first draft of history’ and include news from the day in your work. 

Encyclopaedia Britannica:

Maybe you grew up in a household where these most trustworthy encyclopaedias turned up once a month as part of a payment plan, used widely by the house’s inhabitants to inform many a school project. Well, Brtiannica has made the move online and is now like Wikipedia on steroids – and much more accurate and reliable.

Once you’ve finished your essay, print it using our remote application to one of our high-quality colour printers, and collect it from one of our branches for a very small printing fee that simply covers the cost of materials. All for free. All for Library Members. Join today and start using straight away. Visit


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