Welshpool Community Library Now Open!

Welshpool Community Library Now Open!

Welshpool Community Library has opened its doors this week, with a collection of more than 1,000 items spanning adult fiction novels, large print books, DVDs, audio books, children’s readers and picture books, and much more.

The Community Library, alongside expanded hours at Foster Library and a planned expansion to the outreach program to schools and kinders in the region, replaces the South Coast Mobile Library which has now been retired from South Gippsland due to poor usage and ailing mechanical state.

The Library is located at the Welshpool Rural Transaction Centre and is intended to support and service neighbouring towns. It will be open for 25 hours per week, making it far more accessible to many more people in south coastal communities than the Mobile Library was capable of.

The Community Library also contains seating for patrons to relax and read newspapers and books, tea and coffee facilities, and a self-loan kiosk for when people wish to borrow items while a library officer is not present.

A library officer will visit between 11am and 2pm every Wednesday.

To become a member today and start borrowing, make sure you sign-up online or complete a membership form in-branch.



Monday – 11am to 4pm
Tuesday – 11am to 4pm
Wednesday – 11am to 4pm (LIBRARIAN VISITS THIS DAY)
Thursday – 11am to 4pm
Friday – 11am to 4pm
Saturday – CLOSED
Sunday – CLOSED


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