Wonthaggi Library – Staff Book Recommendations

Wonthaggi Library – Staff Book Recommendations

It’s Wonthaggi’s turn to share their book recommendations and we think they’ve nailed it! Which book will you be adding to your list?

Sue’s Pick:

Pheasants Nest by Louise Milligan –

“This is a brilliant debut crime novel. A gripping page turner that is all too real in light of the ongoing epidemic of violence against women.”



Tim’s Pick: 

365 poems for life by Allie Esiri –

“Read a Poem Aloud in the Library is a fun program here at Wonthaggi and this book is a great resource to pick up and read a poem for that day.”



Jess’ Pick:

Murtagh by Christopher Paolini – 

“Dragons, dwarves, elves, orcs, faraway lands and daring adventures. What more could you ask for?”



Jenny’s Pick:

This is happiness by Niall Williams

“I listened to this book and enjoyed the Irish narrator’s reading of this touching book.  I loved the characters and it was a surprisingly good change from my usual crime novels. Set in Ireland in the 1950’s it details the beauty of everyday life.”



Sabine’s Pick: 

The Glass House by Anne Buist and Graeme Simsion

“A great book for people interested in Mental Health Care in Australia written by Anne Buist, who is a practising psychiatrist and researcher. It describes the life and work of the doctors and patients with a variety of mental health problems with a great sense of dark humour and sensibility.”



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