More 24/7 flexibility at your library

More 24/7 flexibility at your library

We are excited to announce that Mirboo North and Poowong are now among the first three libraries in Victoria provided by South Gippsland Shire to offer a 24-hour membership access.

With flexibility in mind, the 24-hour service offers library members open access to the library outside its conventional opening hours. This provides free access to study and lounge spaces, Wi-Fi and self-checkout facilities to pick up holds and borrow resources like books and DVDs.

Whether you’re a student, working full time or part time or just happen to be an early bird or night owl a 24-hour membership gives you the opportunity to access the library whenever it suits you.

The application process is simple. Complete a 24-hour membership application for assessment, which is followed by a new user induction during staffed library hours. The only cost is a once-off $30 refundable deposit for your security pass that is activated after the induction.

Parents and guardians have the option to apply for a family pass. A family pass allows one nominated adult to bring their nominated children aged under 18 into the library using their secure pass. Every person aged 18 or over requires their own secure pass to access the library after-hours.

24-hour membership applications are now open for Mirboo North, Poowong and Foster Libraries. For more information, please phone your local library branch. 

  • Foster Library (24/7 access available now) – 56 82 1735
  • Poowong Library (24/7 access available now) – 56 59 2349 
  • Mirboo North Library (24/7 access available now) – 56 681 528


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